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What Bertie doesn’t realise is that his brain is not the enemy it’s his greatest ally

Have just finished reading Karyn Prior’s new book My Name is Bertie Poshkza, it filled my heart with joy for every one of the kids I work with who live with Bertie’s wobbly but amazing spirit. It is a wonderful story that will help children who doubt themselves because they feel, look or act differently.Karyn has written a gift about individulality based around hope, transformation and relationships for children.This optimistic read should be required reading for children, their parents and teachers. Congratulations on giving Bertie life and contributing to the happiness and potential of so many Karyn.
— Mark Le Messurier, Educator, Counsellor, Mentor, Parent Coach - Adelaide

Book review … Written by Bridie S Age 12 Melbourne. 

Today I read the book Bertie Poshkza by Karyn Prior. Bertie has a different brain which makes him do things without thinking. He goes on an adventure in the city to find a new brain. On his way he meets two people Tim and Emily who he can now call his friends. Tim and Emily help him realise that the way he is feeling about his brain and what it makes him do is ok and that everything he thinks is bad about his brain, actually makes him one of a kind.

I really liked the way that he understood that what his brain was making him do wasn’t always right. I liked how even though when he was sad he was able to find the courage to still have hope that he could find a new brain. I really liked how Bertie, Tim and Emily all had a really great connection and could work out that they are all special in their own way together.      

This book made me want to keep reading and find out what impact Bertie and Emily’s documentary has on the other school kids. I think it is a really inspirational book that could bring out the true personality in some people. 



Children’s Book of the Year ! - in my opinion. Every teacher, student and parent in the world needs to read and know about Bertie!
— R Oates - Principal - SA
I wish this book had been in my school when I was younger, I am now a 25 year old man, I relate to so much of what Bertie is thinking and feeling and as a young boy I would have loved this book to share with my parents and teachers.
— Mr James, Peth WA
Children will love reading it and it could be used as a starter for class discussion on what it means to be different.
— Article Review
We found this book a useful resource as a class text. An excellent entry point and springboard to discuss, empathy, bullying and how we are all unique.
— Ms Cate O'Leary, Teacher Adelaide SA
I’m sure many unique kids and their parents will find a good deal of meaning in it.
— Catherine E, Sydney NSW

"Bertie sets off on a journey to swap his brain
for a new more intelligent brain."




Bertie is a young boy growing up in Adelaide.  He loves his family and especially his dog but he hates his brain!  Bertie feels he has challenging behaviours which prevent him making friends and learning, so Bertie sets off on a journey to swap his brain for a new more intelligent brain.  What Bertie doesn’t realise is that his brain is not the enemy it’s his greatest ally.  His search for a new brain will introduce Bertie to a myriad of characters who teach Bertie far more about himself than he ever realised  - they teach him how truly unique he is.

The Author 

Karyn Prior has been writing fiction for both children and adults for over 10 years. She has been successful in attaining literary recognition and was awarded Outstanding Entry for fiction at the National Daffodil Day Arts Awards held in Victoria in 2002 and was Runner up in the same Awards in 2003. Karyn has recently been interviewed on ABC radio in South Australia about her writing and her interest in developing children’s fiction. A segment of one of her stories was recorded by an actor and read on radio.

Karyn’s interest in writing fiction for children stemmed from her work as an assistant educator of children with special learning needs. Karyn worked alongside children helping to build their confidence and develop their skills in learning literacy, numeracy and social skills. She worked with children every day that for one reason or another had experienced the frustration of feeling that perhaps they were challenging or difficult. Karyn saw in them their unique qualities and she saw a need to help them express that. Bertie evolved as a result of her experiences with these children.

The story is complemented by the quirky and creative pencil illustrations created by Julia Blanka 



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Frances  and Ava enjoyed reading Bertie.
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